Thursday, January 10, 2008

Traveling Tasmania: Wandering the World Still Gets the Blood Up

Lucky us to be so wise as to appreciate the whole world. Tasmania? Where the hell is Tasmania? And such a fine place, too. I was warned by a friend who lives there to keep the secret to myself lest I start a gold rush of barren souls storming the place. Here are some pix then.

Hobart town is wonderful: clean, sophisticated, filled with good food and wine, and even kangaroos hopping down the market area. The mountains are clean and submerged in a vast sea of crystal-clean air, and, then, to gild the lily, as it were, I managed to be at the finish line of the 2007 Sydney-Hobart race armed with my new Nikon D40X with a telephoto lens. It was a very fine day, cool and breezy, and we got out to an outer dock and watched at the Maxi took line honors. I could live here, in Tassie, if it weren't so far away from where my heart is.